Jerusalem Post (27 November 2009)

An American colony in Jaffa "In 1866, a small band of American Christians established a tiny colony on the empty sands outside Jaffa's city walls ... Interestingly, the growing Zionist movement in Turkish Mandate Palestine responded positively to [leader of the colony, George J.] Adams' plans." (more...)

Press Release
(5 May 2004)

Pepperell Residents Honored by Maine Preservation "Jean and Reed Holmes ... were honored on May 5 at Hallowell, Maine, for their preservation of the historic Wentworth House in the Jaffa American Colony of Tel Aviv, Israel. The presenter of the award for Maine Preservation, Trustee Hannah Ostrye, said, 'This award is entirely unique and a first for our organization. It reaches across decades, cultures and oceans. In fact, it is our first International Honor Award.'" (more...)

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